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A small word on languages of culture

As on earth for thousands of years all different languages.
as is said that originate from one basic or source language.

As all languages spoken on earth have a ground on
seven basic languages with the science of etymology.

As all languages on earth, when speaking alike
people can recognize part of the words and grammar
even when not being educated in them.

As all languages are bound by culture
creating communication to have a life of meaning.

As culture gives the bond in society
where children follow the guidelines of their parents
and adults choose a way of life, a purpose in life
and the mate or friends they like.v
As culture gives men to women, or boys to girls
to have a life with the happiness of
having a relationship and children.

As culture carries the subject
and language carries the means.

A thousand languages on earth
is a million languages in space.
As some very intelligent on earth
speak themselves ten to twenty languages
and its their expertism giving them the
wish to learn them all.

As a thousand languages on earth,
and a million in space.
There are intelligent beings
in space that speak alone
themselvse a thousand of languages.

As they tell if you know the root language
all twenty based on it is easy to learn and speak.

As they tell, old lore and yore a written
in the language they were experienced by.
and this wisdom gives the wish to learn
their language as their wisdom is in their hands.

As a thousand languages being the source of wisdom
and the use of some examples like
nostradamos, like speaking of the holy spirit.
And the use of words without direct meaning.

May this website give a glance on languages
unknown with their meaning to be discovered

As this page gives a glance on a couple
of books and documents.

As its a view on language,
may it be history
may it be science
may it be art
an art of words and meaning.

A few documents

To speak the language of lore

As to learn a language for children is to hear them
speaking by parents and school.

As to learn a language is to read a dictionary
and the grammar of both speech and writing.

As to learn a language is to learn
the culture of its ground.

As to learn a language is to
hear about history, tradition
and the hardship of the forefathers.

As to learn a language is to
see it grow into a future
full of science and advancements.

As to learn a language,
is to learn about life.
is to learn about the meaning of life.


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